Sunday, August 5, 2007

SMFund Updates

SEC to sue 6 in online Ponzi scam (

- The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is citing six specified persons who are involve with other online of Ponzi scams similar “to the FrancSwiss.

Bogus ‘SM’ online firm lures investors (The Manila Times)

- BEYOND to the personalities of means and the showbiz, the people who have thought that they were investing in a corporative giant were moreover victimized from the scammers online of the pyramid.

Francswiss Updates

Arroyo forms task force vs investment scams (

- Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has ordered on Thursday the creation of a task force in order to prevent the proliferation of the illegal online investment companies in the country. The task force of protection of the investor was created under Administrative Order no. 185.

Forex scam victims flock to NBI (

- Complainants has met to the national office of search to Manila the tuesday after that presumed they were it tears to you outside from the Performances Investment Products Corp. (PIPC), a company of commerce of foreign uniforms that according to as reported it has stolen million weights from the investor.

Liew blow (

- Why popular the conservation that falls for the puttinges to point of pyramiding? We have still completely not understood the scale and the largeness of the scam of investment of FrancSwiss.

Another pyramiding irregularity uncovered (Sun Star)

- WEEKS after that the outline online FrancSwiss of pyramiding was broken from the authorities, the national office of search (NBI) the monday has made a step in an other scam that presumed it has pregiven to the residents moneyed of the villages of DasmariƱas and the Forbes in the city of Makati from 2003.

More PIPC victims show up at NBI (

- More presumed victims of the Performances Investment Products Corp. (PIPC) have gone to the national office of search (NBI) tuesday and have expressed their interest in criminal expenses of the limatura against the incorporators of the company of commerce of foreign uniforms.

NBI seeks FBI help in FrancSwiss case (

- The national office of the civil employees of search (NBI) has said the saturday that they are regulated to the coordinate with of FBI (FBI) in order contributing in order to identify people behind the presumed international investment of FrancSwiss of the mayoralty of the pyramid.

FrancSwiss ‘victim’ sues NBI men (The Manila Times)

- A man who has said he was one victim of the Francswiss sued NBI agents who were alleged to have extorted money from him and his sister.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

How HYIP Admins Use Forex to Entice Investors

Have you noticed the new high yield investment programs (HYIP) that started lately? What is common among them? Where do they invest the funds? Is their rate of return reasonable?
Before, HYIP investors do not believe in any crap that HYIP Admins invest their funds in forex. It is because the returns are too high and payments are done on daily basis. Stil, investors put their money in the program although they believe the success of the program will depend on how many members will join after them.

Recently, trends have change. More and more HYIP Admins are offering lower returns on longer periods. They stay alive for some months offering lower rates. They do not offer returns on weekends since there is no trading on weekends. They let investors believe that they do invest in forex. The longer they keep on paying, the more investors will trust the program. Small returns and longer period of payments because of forex activity is an attractive option for many investors.

Do they really invest in forex? Unless a third verifiable party or myself will see their trading accounts, I'd rather play more safely. The longer the program is running, the more members are coming in. Considering the low rates they are offering, they can sustain the program for many months. The rate of deposits are higher than the returns they are paying the investors. They can still be gone in an instant if they already acquired enough deposits.

As investors especially the test spenders, do not forget to include the e-currency charges for daily payments. Small, regular payments means higher cumulative charges than a few bigger payments. The returns you will receive might be lesser than what you expected.

When you invest in HYIP, do your due diligence. Be wise not to believe that HYIP Admins do invest in forex.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Promoting your HYIP Business

Opening a high yield investment program means business. Earning a profit is the main objective in business. To ensure maximum profit, promotion and marketing are imperative. So what are the most commonly used promotion tactics that HYIP Admins use?

First, pay for monitoring and listing services. There are free services available but your program will not be displayed prominently on their sites. Investors visit monitoring sites especially the more popular ones. Your program will get proper attention if it is in the top place.

Next, be active in forums. If you are new to the forum, build trust and respect. Show prospective and current investors that your program has a good customer service support.
Another is to use unique, attractive and highly-converting banner. Members can easily help advertise the program if they have banners to use.

Give incentives or prizes to active members. Their support is needed to keep the program on top of the threads. Do not forget the effort they have contributed.

Be friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Investors will be asking about your program so be sure to have the correct answers. If you lie, do not be caught in your own web of lies. Investors are wise.

Lastly, open contests. Knowing that there is a waiting prize, the investors are willing to contribute as long as they win the contest.

There is no guarantee that the HYIP venture will be a success. Above tips can be used but it will only help you succeed.

Monitoring Sites and High Yield Investment Programs

Have you joined any high yield investment programs (HYIP)? If you did then you are also aware of the existence of monitoring and listing sites for this kind of programs.

Monitoring sites are everywhere. Why are there so much monitoring sites around? Monitoring sites publish the latest updates on HYIP - the latest opened programs, members reviews, details and status of the programs. But should investors rely on them? I say, investors should not only use monitoring sites to monitor their programs. Forums and boards should also be reviewed. If you want to earn a stable income from HYIP, being informed is your best weapon. Monitoring site is only one of the tools but not the best tool.

Remember too that monitoring sites are getting paid for their services. Some HYIP Admins take care of these monitoring sites by paying them earlier than the other members whose payments are in queu. And this is a common scenario known to seasoned HYIP investors.

Some monitoring sites owner are active in forums and boards making them more updated about the programs they are monitoring. But some are not and rely on members to post their votes on the monitoring sites. If members do not use the monitoring sites, their purpose is defeated.

Investors have conflicting views whether to use the monitoring sites or not. It is because HYIP Admins build up their reputation first on monitoring sites yet still fail in the end. Should we still use them? Yes we should but do not fully rely on them. Do your due diligence and you are on your way to financial freedom.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Forex Hedging Software

Forex is considered the most volatile yet the most lucrative business in the market today. The rapid change can make or break a trader's business so a careful analysis of the factors that affect the market are being done.

To lessen the risks of losing in this very exciting market, forex hedging was developed. Softwares for forex hedging were made commercially available. So, what are the benefits of using forex hedging software?

Forex hedging takes advantage of correlated pairs. Based on the studies, when a currency pair is in the bullish trend, a corresponding currency pair will definitely follow in the bearish trend. The software then computes the units to be purchased on the correlated pairs based on the current market price in order to gain maximum profit.

Using forex hedgind software, any person even the ones without forex trading knowledge can now trade forex and still expect good performance. Of course, traders who are knowledgeable about the subject will have a better advantage as they will be evaluate what is the best time to use the software.

If you are interested to earn an income from forex trading with minimum risk, be on the lookout for a reliable forex hedging software. A fee might be imposed but it is negligible when compared to the profits that may be generated from forex trading.